32. Nature Speaks In Silence With Seamus Berkeley (Meditation Journey)

March 26, 2023 • 58 mins

Born in Dublin and living in Taos, New Mexico, Seamus Berkeley gently shares with us the profound practice of entering the contemplative realm through one’s visual experience. A professional and very talented artist, Seamus illustrates how the natural world is a teacher bestowing gifts upon all of us. Gather together and listen as we unfold a meditative conversation in presence, celebrating the ability we all have to let go of constructs and begin to see things as they are.

Seamus Reminds Us:

~ Thomas Keating says: The fruits of contemplation… are in everyday life. He also says: Set an intention before meditation.

~ Take a contemplative walk and ask yourself, “What have I not seen today?” and “How is the light today?”

~ Beauty is a doorway into spaciousness presence awareness.

~ What is blue? Rest in the non-answer.

~ What if we choose to see everything as a gift?

~ Entering into the visual field is a letting go of agenda.

~ Awake = aware of awareness.

Suggested Practice: Sky Meditation

Look at the sky. Are there clouds? Is there movement? Look up… be present to what is.

Resources Mentioned:

Teachings by Thomas Keating, Gurdjieff, James Baraz, and Anam Thubten

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

Connect with Seamus!

Website: seamusberkeley.com

Instagram: @seamusberkeley

Redwoods & Snow daily gratitude practice: patreon.com/rainelizabeth

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Thank you for your presence. xoxo

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