Dragonfly Guidance

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
Love is knowing I am everything,
and between the two my life moves.

โ€” Nisargadatta Maharaj

Dragonfly Guidance is a holistic integration of spiritual counseling and meditation. Honoring the whole lifespan and unique development of each human being, by way of spiritual practice in action, these sessions are tailored to the client's individual and relational needs.

For Individuals...

Consciousness Counseling

Dragonfly Guidance for individuals is consciousness counseling. This is a spiritual counseling practice of being with what is, exactly as it is. Spiritual and psychological traditions that have inspired this approach are: Western Non-Dualism, Advaita Vedanta, Native American Wisdom, Carl Rogers (Person Centered Therapy), Friz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Eugene Gendlin (Focusing), Object Relations, Expressive Arts, Play Therapy, Sandplay, Biofeedback and Somatics, Body-Oriented Psychotherapies, Addiction / Codependence Recovery, and the Enneagram. Consciousness counseling is a supportive space for transformation and discovering oneself whole, just as one is, with the freedom to choose how to move forward in one's life and into the world.

All sessions are being held by phone or Zoom.
You will be provided with the phone number or private Zoom link upon scheduling. Thank you!

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For Couples...

Conscious Couples Counseling

Dragonfly Guidance for couples is conscious couples counseling. In this relational spiritual practice, each individual receives the opportunity to recognize and understand what is true for them. Through communication and self reflection practices, the couple gets support in working out differences, creating rituals of connection, building trust, and healing any past injuries, traumas, or wounds. Sometimes the pain in a relationship comes from the distant past and has become an enduring vulnerability. Sometimes the pain is from an existing dynamic that needs to be lovingly unravelled to increase each person's experience of safety. In any case, compassionate support is given to the couple to celebrate, navigate, and heal together.

Rain has been working with couples for many years traversing the realms of sexuality, new and long term relationships, parenting, discernment, open relationships, communication, major life decisions, and more! Level 3 trained in the Gottman Method, techniques are dyadic and evidence based. Prior research in orgasm, sensuality, pleasure, and the nature of relating also gives Rain an approach that is soft and encouraging while simultaneously being deliberate and engaging. Greatly influenced by spiritual counseling and psychophysiology, the presence in the (virtual) room allows for the couple to do the necessary work that will make a lasting and positive difference over time.

All sessions are being held by phone or Zoom.
You will be provided with the phone number or private Zoom link upon scheduling. Thank you!

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Trauma resolution, nervous system regulation, embodiment, understanding, and expression of healthy boundaries, grief, and major life decisions/transitions are all examples of human experiences successfully addressed through Dragonfly Guidance.

Parents are welcome!


Rain Elizabeth Stickney, MA in East West Psychology

My approach to spiritual counseling celebrates the whole spectrum of the human lifespan and includes holistic views of psychology, psychophysiology, somatics, transpersonal psychology, and the expressive arts.