Kind Words by Past & Present Clients

"I have been working with Rain for more than 10 years. For me, she has been the "Swiss army knife" of healers -- broad capability, effective and precise. I first saw Rain for individual counseling when I was going through a difficult break-up. Later, I would see her for emotional bodywork and couples counseling. I have also participated in Rain's meditation groups and retreats for many years. Rain brings a unique combination of warmth, kindness, grounded awareness, intellect, spirituality, skillful knowledge and professional acumen. She is a one-of-a-kind healer, and I'm a more whole and content person as a result of working with her. Anyone who connects with Rain should count themselves fortunate. I know I do."

— Nancy Levine, Eugene, Oregon

“I continue in amazement with each of your daily offerings, they are so wonderful, inspiring and fun. Thank you so very much for sharing so freely and openly. You have such a knack for picking just the right quote and poem — divinely guided and you’re relaxed enough to listen and act. Lovely, just lovely. Thank you again and again."

— Peter, Redwoods & Snow

“I very much enjoyed and got so much from the meditation tonight. It helped clear out my “irritations” I’ve been having. I feel you are very skilled at listening to people and bringing out the best in them.”

— Ellen, Stillwater Meditation

"I love your gratitude practice and all that you have shared through it. It has been uplifting and inspiring."

— Crystal, Redwoods & Snow

“I was anti-virtual sangha until I joined Rain. Rain has a great capacity to hold space in any environment and the intuitive gift of creating the most supportive customized meditation guidance based on what is deeply present for everyone contributing that day. I am so grateful to meditate and connect with those near and far in a way that feels just right and is right in my own home.”

— Anonymous, Stillwater Meditation

“Rain has been my counselor for years and I can say I’ve never worked with anyone more understanding of who I am, how I work, what I need, and how to get me there with gentleness, compassion, and a push when needed. Rain has a mind and heart invested in truly seeing me and helping me heal. She’s actually so good I’ve opted to see her over Skype for 8 months [during her maternity leave] instead of finding a new counselor! I’m especially grateful she’s also a bodyworker and a spiritual person, which I feel improves our work together greatly.”

— Silvi, Stillwater Meditation, Emotional Integrative Bodywork

“I listened to your meditation today as I worked through a frustrating issue; yes, I did keep working on the issue while your pleasant voice was guiding me “from incompleteness to wholeness” with many spiritual insights as we moved through the meditation together. It is just wonderful! You have a wonderful gift and I’m so happy you’re sharing it so beautifully; your clients and students are so fortunate to be working with you as a guide. A beautiful role model, yes!

— Peter, Stillwater Meditation Recordings

“…it was so powerful for Alex and I to go and talk to you in those sessions in SF. It was early on in our relationship…just months into it, but we knew that we had something special together and that we wanted to be together. It was invaluable to work through that time with you. I remember finding it so hard to touch the difficult places between us then. It was so charged. And I swear, ever since then it has never been as hard. We really found ways to understand each other and ourselves and we seem to know when we’re closed and how to find a way back to being open. It’s such a huge, huge blessing. I remember watching a light go on for Alex in a session with you where he understood how to work to see a person rather than assume what was happening. We have something really great together. Thank you all over again for witnessing us and helping us find a way to be here.”

— Mary, Compassionate Counseling, Conscious Couples Counseling, Stillwater Meditation

“Stillwater Meditation is a safe space where all parts of myself are allowed, cherished, and seen. Simply being with all that is and all that I am without trying, needing, or extra effort is supremely healing. Rain’s voice is the most calming sound. Her insights into the human experience hold such deep wisdom, patience and knowing. It’s a precious gift to give myself to be with her words and myself. The relaxation I feel after her guided meditation is like after a massage or post savasana; I’m whole again, complete in my incompleteness, and at peace with myself. There’s such kindness in taking the time to meditate, it feels like a warm blanket of motherly love over all that aches and despairs.”

— Anonymous, Stillwater Meditation

“Rain is a very talented and experienced bodyworker. I have come to her for massage and energy work at times when I was really struggling with both physical and emotional pain. Her capacity to hold space is immense. The incredible and multidimensional relief that I have experienced, even after just 1 session, is remarkable.

Rain’s depth as a practitioner, combined with her wisdom and knowledge of the body is a rare and powerful combination. I trust her implicitly and recommend her services to people all the time.

Rain offers a very safe, warm, and welcoming space for healing. I love that she often has fresh flowers and prepares the space immaculately for me. She is fully present for the healing that wants to happen in every moment. I feel fully heard, witnessed, and held during my time. Her healing presence is palpable and her skill very advanced.

When I think of the healing services offered at Dragonfly Bay, I always think of the expression “still waters run deep.” Rain has much to teach, share and offer the world. Everything she does is done in a good way. I have received hundreds of massages from many therapists and Rain is at the top of my list for providing the all-time best, most effective, and healing massage.”

— Abby, Conscious Touch Massage, Emotional Integrative Bodywork, Stillwater Meditation

“I wanted to thank you personally for everything you do, and the enormous help you have been to everyone. Your caring and insight and support are deeply appreciated.”

— Anonymous, Parenting & Family Services

“Quite some time ago, I was new to this wonderful city and was feeling uprooted in many ways for many reasons. As a mother to a young child, feeling the loss of my original community and missing my family and friends, I sought someone I could talk to, not just as a counselor, but as a spiritual confidant and, what I can only describe as a ‘facilitator of healing and wellness.’ I feel incredibly blessed to have found Rain. So very gently, openly, and lovingly did she listen to my needs and what I was looking for, and she has met those needs, perfectly, more perfectly than I could have hoped!”

— Anonymous, Compassionate Counseling, Emotional Integrative Bodywork, Stillwater Meditation

“Rain is a natural healer and I’ve been a long-time bodywork and meditation customer. You can’t help but feel present after working with her in a massage or meditation context. When the stress gets too high – it's time to spend some time with Rain.”

— Mark, Conscious Touch Massage, Stillwater Meditation

“Our time together with Rain was truly magical and powerful! Her offerings are insightful and intuitive, the space she holds is special and sacred and her presence is kind and gentle. Our intimacy together reached a level beyond our expectations. We highly recommend her!”

— Allie, Conscious Couples Counseling

“Rain is a fantastic counselor, massage therapist and spiritual guide. Her loving and compassionate attention allows me to connect to my true essence and deepest desires. She is wise, intuitive and truthful. I have experienced all of her specialties and highly recommend her services. I leave her sessions feeling empowered, peaceful and happy to be alive! I am extremely grateful to have Rain in my life.”

— Elisabeth, Conscious Couples Counseling, Conscious Touch Massage, Stillwater Meditation

“There’s something about your presence that is really powerful, and I feel like I learn something from you every time I come to your group.”

— Jessica, Stillwater Meditation