Stillwater Meditation

... sacred space is where you can find yourself
again and again.

— Joseph Campbell

Within our weekly meetings, a safe space is provided for meditators to explore their own relationship with what is just as it is, ask questions, rest with deep inquiry, be compassionate toward perceived blocks, and melt into the peaceful practice of embodied presence.

Stillwater Meditation meets through Zoom on:

Mondays at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern

Beginning December 5th


Thursdays at 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern

Starting again on December 8th

How to Attend Stillwater Meditation in a good way.

Weekly Meditation Group

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the group to get settled and make sure all technology is working. We appreciate your punctuality! Thank you!

Stillwater Meditation is offered by donation. Suggested amount: $20. Any offer of generosity is welcome. Donate here.

Group Structure:

Stillwater Meditation is a small, sweet group of sacred meditators. Beginning and experienced practitioners alike are welcome to this eclectic and non-denominational meditative space. The practice is focused on being with what is, just as it is. Compassion and clear seeing are nurtured by gentle, attuned listening and kind reflections. Participants gather, check in, make requests for the guided part of the meditation, settle into silence together, receive some heart centered guidance, enjoy more silence, and have some space at the end to reflect on their experience and / or ask questions. We close as a whole, honoring the connection and presence of the group. Our meeting lasts an hour.

Online and by phone:

Stillwater Meditation Zoom meeting. If you have not used Zoom before, you will need to download the software. If you are using a mobile device, an app is available from your app store. You will need all applicable passwords to get into your app account.

Topic: Stillwater Meditation
Time: this is a recurring meeting

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:
Password: dragonfly (not needed if joining on an app on a mobile device)

Or join by phone:
Dial +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 223 042 3652
International numbers available:

Suggested donation amount: $25, any amount of generosity is appreciated.

You are welcome to come meditate and connect in sacred community with us!


Stillwater Meditation at the Charlotte Library

Saturdays November 26th - December 17th

9am - 10am. Free!

The Charlotte Library

Gathering together for 4 weeks as we fall into our darkest days, we will shine our inner light in exploration of gratitude and meditation in sacred community.

Respect for all beings & faiths is a foundational quality of our time together. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome.

Come to one, many, or all meetings.

Listen to a recent guided meditation.


"Stillwater Meditation is a safe space where all parts of myself are allowed, cherished, and seen. Simply being with all that is and all that I am without trying, needing, or extra effort is supremely healing. Rain’s voice is the most calming sound. Her insights into the human experience hold such deep wisdom, patience and knowing. It’s a precious gift to give myself to be with her words and myself. The relaxation I feel after her guided meditation is like after a massage or post savasana; I’m whole again, complete in my incompleteness, and at peace with myself. There’s such kindness in taking the time to meditate, it feels like a warm blanket of motherly love over all that aches and despairs." — Anonymous