Stillwater Meditation

Trust those instincts in yourself.

Follow your own innate curiosity that really connects with your being. Not just curiosities of thought, but a curiosity that may cause you to lean in or want to sit with something more deeply.

~ Mukti

Within these sacred events, a safe space is provided for meditators to explore their own relationship with what is just as it is, ask questions, rest with deep inquiry, be compassionate toward perceived blocks, and melt into the eternally infinite peaceful practice of embodied presence.

Stillwater Meditation meets ONLINE!

Next FREE Online Meditation Gathering:

Thursday, May 8th, 1pm ET

2024 Private Meditation Group

Monthly Subscription Available!

Thursdays 12pm ET

We will meet every Thursday in May. Please email for the schedule for the rest of the year. A discount is given if you'd like to join the private group through December 2024.

Stillwater Meditation is a sweet group of sacred meditators. Curious, beginning, and experienced practitioners alike are welcome to this respectful meditation practice. The methods offered are focused on being with what is, just as it is. We also focus on relaxation training as it applies to overall wellness and spiritual maturity. Compassion and clear seeing are nurtured by gentle, attuned listening and kind reflections. Participants enjoy connection, silence, guidance, as well as time and space to ask questions. We close with gratitude and by honoring any healing moments that have happened during the presence of the group.

Stillwater Meditation at the Charlotte Library

Saturdays, 9 - 10am Weekly & FREE

The Charlotte Library

Poetry and meditation are offered freely and in person to the delightful community of Charlotte, Vermont and everyone who would like to attend! You are invited for quiet reflection, contemplation, connection, and gentle meditation instruction.

Respect for all beings & faiths is a foundational quality of our time together. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome.


Charlotte Library, 115 Ferry Road, Charlotte, Vermont 05445

Listen to a guided meditation!

Get comfy. Enjoy this guidance. You will hear two bells. One begins the meditation, and the other ends the meditation. Sit in silence for a few moments after the final bell. Notice whatever you would like to notice. Namaste.


Prayer & Grace

"Stillwater Meditation is a safe space where all parts of myself are allowed, cherished, and seen. Simply being with all that is and all that I am without trying, needing, or extra effort is supremely healing. Rain’s voice is the most calming sound. Her insights into the human experience hold such deep wisdom, patience and knowing. It’s a precious gift to give myself to be with her words and myself. The relaxation I feel after her guided meditation is like after a massage or post savasana; I’m whole again, complete in my incompleteness, and at peace with myself. There’s such kindness in taking the time to meditate, it feels like a warm blanket of motherly love over all that aches and despairs." ~ Anonymous