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Gratitude is a celebration of love.

— Brother David Steindl-Rast


Redwoods & Snow is a daily practice of gratitude to accompany you throughout the year.

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"I have been grateful for your beautiful and inspiring posts each morning." — Suzanna B.

"... it is necessary work that keeps us focused and is a reminder of our connections with the universe." — Tom S.

"I have been grateful for your beautiful and inspiring posts each morning." — Suzanna B.


"... it is necessary work that keeps us focused and is a reminder of our connections with the universe. " — Tom S.



Redwood trees in snow.

Monday, December 19, 2022


The point is to learn from whatever is experienced, whether it's liked or disliked, beautiful or ugly. Everything will teach us if we let it.

~ Ajahn Amaro, Finding the Missing Peace



Today, I feel grateful for:

1) nutmeg on an early morning eggnog latte.

2) a soft and gentle snowfall that began as I started a walk through the forest, getting heavier with every step, and when I returned home, the flakes became large and puffy.

3) when we stopped at a store to buy more white Christmas tree lights, and then got home to find inside the white light box were colored lights! This was a holiday surprise that has led to our first ever multicolored and white lighted Christmas tree... which is surprisingly delightful.

Thank you for being in this practice,

💙 Rain

Sweater Weather: A Love Song to Language


Never better, mad as a hatter,

right as rain, might and main,

hanky panky, hot toddy,

hoity-toity, cold shoulder,

bowled over, rolling in clover,

low blow, no soap, hope

against hope, pay the piper,

liar liar pants on fire,

high and dry, shoo-fly pie,

fiddle-faddle, fit as a fiddle,

sultan of swat, muskrat

ramble, fat and sassy,

flimflam, happy as a clam,

cat's pajamas, bee's knees,

peas in a pod, pleased as punch,

pretty as a picture, nothing much,

lift the latch, double Dutch,

helter-skelter, hurdy-gurdy,

early bird, feathered friend,

dumb cluck, buck up,

shilly-shally, willy-nilly,

roly-poly, holy moly,

loose lips sink ships,

spitting image, nip in the air,

hale and hearty, part and parcel,

upsy daisy, lazy days,

maybe baby, up to snuff,

flibbertigibbet, honky-tonk,

spic and span, handyman,

cool as a cucumber, blue moon,

high as a kite, night and noon,

love me or leave me, seventh heaven,

up and about, over and out.

~ Sharon Bryan


Todd, Rain, and Storm in front of their unlit Christmas tree inside their home.

Christmas Tree Elves

Charlotte, Vermont

Listen to a recent guided meditation.

Grateful Heart

"I listened to your meditation today as I worked through a frustrating issue; yes, I did keep working on the issue while your pleasant voice was guiding me “from incompleteness to wholeness” with many spiritual insights as we moved through the meditation together. It is just wonderful! You have a wonderful gift and I’m so happy you’re sharing it so beautifully; your clients and students are so fortunate to be working with you as a guide. A beautiful role model, yes!" — Peter


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🖤 Black Lives Matter. 🤎

💙 I stand with Ukraine. 💛

💜 We all belong. 💚

❤️ Love is Love. 🧡


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