48. Miracle Happening (Meditation Journey)

10 Minutes | June 7, 2023

Open to miracles. Imagine the miracle most meaningful to you. Miracles happen. They do! This guided meditation honors the present moment, exactly as it is, and supports you in building a bridge from this moment into the reality desired. Try it out! Open to the miracles happening all around us, and open to the miracle of YOU!!!

Beginning Bell: 2:57

Ending Bell: 8:49

Visit a Stillwater Meditation group online to co-create a guided meditation! Go to rainelizabeth.org and choose the Stillwater Meditation tab or click here: rainelizabeth.org/stillwater-meditation.

Thanks to my wonderful sound editor, Ferrara. She can be contacted at enantiodromia23@gmail.com.

I am also grateful for my amazing website designer, Abby Kojola at kojolapower.com.

Deep appreciation goes out to my late mother & very much alive stepfather who collaborated on and performed the music. Check out the album, My Oh My, for the full song, May Your Dreams Draw You Gently.

Thank you so much for your presence! xoxox

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