45. Eudaemonia With Emily Geizer (Healing Conversation)

45 Minutes | May 17, 2023

What do cinnamon, neuroscience, and sugar all have in common?! When used (or not used) in a unique way for you to support your own flourishing, they all are part of eudaemonia. Eudaemonia is an old word from Aristotle meaning wellness for your highest good. These are three topics explored in this fun-loving and honest conversation with Emily Geizer, Health Coach. Emily is a life and wellness coach for women who are exhausted and juggling too many balls. She takes a food-first approach to wellness while incorporating other aspects of healthy living, rewiring thoughts and beliefs, and nervous system regulation. I reveal some things about my life in this episode, as does she. Keywords: Stinky Feet!!!

Tune into Emily’s podcast on topics of alternative health and wellness called, you โ€˜da what?

Emily’s Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-da-what/id1662603548

Emily also offers private and group coaching. Learn more at emilygeizer.com.

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