8. Meditation Journey with Abby Kojola

46 minutes | Jan 1, 2023

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to our very first shared meditation journey! I meet with the talented, beautiful, and amazing Abby Kojola for this conversation about meditation as we co-create a guided journey together.

Abby is a website designer, writer, and haiku poet. She can be found at:


~ Facebook: Abby Kojola

~ Instagram: @powerful_heart_ and @haikuhike

Topics of Interest:

~ self-kindness

~ internal locus of control

~ honoring oneself

~ being at peace in quiet moments

~ authentic self

“Be kinder to yourself. Then let your kindness flood the world.” – Pema Chödrön

Special Offer: Attend Stillwater Meditation online for free! Use coupon code FIRST when scheduling your class. If you are in Vermont, stop by the Charlotte Library at 9am on Saturdays for a free community class. Reserve your seat!


Thanks to my wonderful sound editor and my amazing website designer. I am also deeply appreciative of my late mother and very much alive stepfather who collaborated on and performed the music. Check out the album, My Oh My, for the full song.





Thank you for being you! Happy 2023!!!

Stay tuned for the very first Healing Conversation on Friday, January 6th! xoxox

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