6. End Of The Year: Self-Forgiveness (Bonus Episode)

17 minutes | Dec 25, 2022

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!! Happy Everything!!!

Self Forgiveness Guided Meditation begins at 4:01.

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Helpful Reminders:

* Learning leads to choice.

* We can always choose love.

* The body offers grounded wisdom.

* Consider what forgiveness is for you.

* All people make mistakes sometimes. This is the nature of things.

* We cannot choose all of our experiences, but we can choose how we are with the experiences that are handed to us.

* What happens when you choose to love yourself completely?

Thanks to my wonderful sound editor and my amazing website designer. I am also deeply appreciative of my late mother & very much alive stepfather who collaborated on and performed the music. Check out the album, My Oh My, for the full song.





Thank you for being here and for being you!!!

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