5. Solstice Week: Acceptance & Letting Go (Bonus Episode)

15 minutes | Dec 18, 2022

Happy Winter Solstice Week! Here is a 5 minute meditation by request! 

Meditation begins at 8:12.

To make your request for an episode, please email healing@rainelizabeth.org or view all contact info at rainelizabeth.org.

What to expect in upcoming episodes: 

~ short, bonus episodes on Mondays and eventually Fridays for the rest of 2022.

~ full-length episodes begin on Monday, January 2nd in honor of the New Year!

~ Mondays will be Meditation Journeys, and Fridays will be Healing Conversations.

~ in the new year, bonus episodes will be sprinkled here and there and will give me an opportunity to share my story.

Helpful Reminders:

* Awareness allows us to let go of things!

* Acceptance is so powerful because it unties us from things we do not need to carry.

* The sky is a magical place. It is ok to release the heaviness and look up!


Thanks to my wonderful sound editor and my amazing website designer. I am also deeply appreciative of my late mother & very much alive stepfather who collaborated on and performed the music. Check out the album, My Oh My, for the full song.

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