34. Abundance In The Present Moment With Billy (Meditation Journey)

April 2, 2023 • 33 mins

I love this conversation! Billy does already practice meditation in her life, but she hasn’t yet experienced the benefits. Together, we co-create a guided meditation just right for her… and listen to what happens!

P.S. My 9 year old son accompanies me during the greeting of this episode. He is so sweet and cute! The edit did become a little mishmashed, but this is real life as a mom. 🙂 Truly, he is welcome anytime. I hope he appears again!

Meditation on abundance begins at 19:00 and goes until 27:00. Enjoy!

Billy is a former flight attendant, and she has a background in finance. Currently, she is a stay at home mom of three girls… and she has started a podcast! Her show is called “Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential.” It is out now! Listen to Billy’s show!!!

Connect with Billy…

Podcast: ⁠Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential⁠

Instagram: @your_childs_full_potential

Facebook: Bilyana Ivanova

Join my daily gratitude practice, Redwoods & Snow: patreon.com/rainelizabeth

Thanks to my wonderful sound editor, Ferrara. She can be contacted at enantiodromia23@gmail.com.

I am also grateful for my amazing website designer, Abby Kojola at kojolapower.com.

Deep appreciation goes out to my late mother & very much alive stepfather who collaborated on and performed the music. Check out the album, My Oh My, for the full song, May Your Dreams Draw You Gently.

Thank you for your presence! xoxo

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