41. You Can Do This! With Darci Hawxhurst, Part 2 (Healing Conversation)

36 Minutes | April 28, 2023

I invite you back into Darci’s healing story, this time stepping into the moment when she heard her own intense call into self-care. After many, many years of supporting her daughter in the healing of a serious brain injury, Darci’s body created symptoms that could not be ignored. It was Darci’s turn to heal and find her own way from rock-bottom burnout to thriving! She made it, addressing her own root cause, and now she helps other women to do the same… grow and thrive into their own vibrant lives!!!

Listen to episode #39, part 1 of Darci’s story.

Darci Hawxhurst, M.S. Ed. is a founding member of certified MAF Method Health and Fitness Coaches and Practitioners, a Child Brain Developmentalist and neurological evaluator, a member of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy, a writer, speaker, teacher, and literacy expert. She is also the mother of a formerly brain-injured child who has been to rock-bottom burnout and back. She is the creator of the Vibrant Woman Program, a paradigm-shifting journey that puts women on the path to thriving by removing the root causes of stress and modern metabolic disease. Her work, including her signature Vibrant Woman Course, can be found on her website at darcihawxhurst.com.

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