Last Words at Bedtime 



Storm: Mama, you love me everyday.
Me: Yes, I do! (I kiss him on his blond head.)
Storm: Mama, you love me everyday SO MUCH!!! 
Me: Yes, I love you so much everyday! (I’m smiling.)
Storm: Mama, you love Daddy so much everyday too!
Me: Yes, you’re right! I love you and Daddy so much everyday.
Storm: Mama, you love turtles so much too!
Me: Turtles?!
Storm: Yes! You love turtles so much everyday!!!
Me: Yes, I love turtles everyday too! (I’m pretty much cracking up.)
Storm: Mama, I love turtles everyday too… so much.

(In honor of my 2 1/2 year old son.) 

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